Email Scam: Urgent Help Request from a Friend

Have you ever received an Urgent Help Request from a Friend via Email that ask for Money?

I did get it most of the times and it’s a e-mail Scam.


The content of the will be similar format like:

I really hope you get this fast, I could not inform anyone because it was impromptu.

I just arrived in Manila,Philippines for a business trip and I am in a fix.

Can I get a loan of $2,450 USD or whatever amount if not all.

You’ll have it as soon as I get back.

It’s really urgent, please get back to me asap if you can. I will advise on how you can get it to me.

Let me know if you can be of any help.


You got this e-mail because your friend’s email was hacked. The hacker then send out random e-mail request based on the contact lists.

Once you reply, they’ll gave you a bank-in information for transferring the money. Should you transfer  money to your friend, you’re scammed!

One of the way to avoid to be the hacker victim is not to open any suspicious e-mail/website link.

A good Internet Virus Protection do help on this

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