Postal Order|How To Remit Small Amount of Money

Do you know it illegal to send CASH via postal service?

Postal Order is also know as Wang Pos is available for sales at all Post Offices.

This is one of the easiest way to send any small amount of money without paying high Commission charges.

wang pos

If you need to send say RM70 then just get the denomination in RM50 and RM20. The Commission charges are RM1.10. Therefore you’ll gave RM71.10 to the person in the Post Office.

The Postal Order are available in fixed denominations of RM 1 to RM 100.

The recipient can cash out the  Postal Order at all Post Offices and Mini Post Offices nationwide.

Do take note that the Postal Order is valid three months from the last day of the month of issue.

Commission is based on denominations

  • RM 1-10 sen
  • RM 2-20 sen
  • RM 3-20 sen
  • RM 4-20 sen
  • RM 5-30 sen
  • RM 10-50 sen
  • RM 20-50 sen
  • RM 30-50 sen
  • RM 40-50 sen
  • RM 50-60 sen
  • RM 100-RM 1.20
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