Health Is Wealth: 8 Simple Tips To Stay Healthy

Wealth without Health is Meaningless!

For a country to be wealthy, its population has to be healthy!

I’m sure you don’t want to ended up to be the Richest person in the Hospital or the graveyard.


In today hectic world, many people especially the younger segment of the population today neglects their health.

They think their good health will last until they are old. Unfortunely, this not true anymore as our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are often detrimental to its health.

One of the main reason why many younger generation get many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, and a host of other degenerative diseases, is because failing to take a good care for the sustenance of their health.

The roots of many of the above chronic diseases are man-made as many have take it for granted.

Three main component such as Diet, Exercise and Nutrition  play an important role in maintain the best possible health.

Towards a healthy lifestyle

The good news is there are eight simple way to lead a healthy lifestyle.

1) Exercise Regularly

When is the last time you do some exercise? Always try to exercise minimum twice a week for minimum duration of 30 minutes. Some goes to gym but it comes with high cost. Avoid gym if you are not discipline.

2)  Eat less highly processed foods

Processed foods is commercially prepared food designed for ease of consumption which include ready-to-eat foods, frozen foods etc. Many of the food nutrient were lost as the result of the processing. On top of that for longer duration storage, it will be added with many artificial stuff, hidden sugar, sodium and fat.

3) Take more raw food i.e vegetable & fruit

Raw food is the best food as it contain nutrients and natural enzymes that boost digestion and fight chronic disease.

4) Stop Smoking

It’s the fact that Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms almost every organ of the body. Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). So avoid it at all cost

5) Control your Drink

The alcohol is link with the main cause of liver damage. Your liver got to work very hard to get rid off the alcohol in your body.

6) Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

7) Proper sleep

It’s recommended to sleep minimum 8 hours per day

8) Practice Mediation.

Mediation help to calm your mind.

Do take time to practice the above as total change cannot be overcome overnight

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