Nestle: Goody Bag for Annual General Meeting

Every year without fail, all Public Listed Company(PLC) are require by the law to held an Annual General Meeting(AGM).

It must be held not later than 6 months after the Financial Year End(FYE).

AGM is a meeting where the board of the directors will meet their shareholders to get approval on some business resolutions i.e share buy back, related party transaction, appointment of directors etc.

This is the only avenue where the shareholder can ask, speak and question the  board of the directors directly, which only happen once a year.

Nestle-AGM-door gift

Normally(but not all) the PLC will reward their shareholders who spend their valuable time to attend the AGM by giving some door gift.

If you owned a Nestle share then your will be given a goody bag. This is to reward their shareholders.

As a normal practise, all PLC will distribute the door gift during the registration before the AGM. The AGM is normally held during working day and hour. Therefore, if you wish to attend the AGM, you must apply for a leave if you are employed.

One thing that worth mentioning is the Nestle are giving the door gift at different location and date. You don’t have to take leave or attend the AGM, in order to collect the door gift.

This is because the door gift  can be collected a temporary booth counter at Amcorp Mall from 19 April until 27 April 2014 from 11am to 9pm. You can collect it on weekend too!


In my opinion, this is a good moves as during the AGM, we can expect huge traffic jammed and big crowd. So by giving the door gift at a different location, it’ll ease and convenience the  shareholders.

The Nestle goody bag consist of  the sample of their products i.e Nescafe, Milo, Maggi Mee etc. I think is worth at least RM50.

It good for the PLC to gave a sample of their products so their  shareholders can gave a real testimonial after consuming the products, to their friends.

Nestle was last traded at RM68.50 per share on 2 May 2014. You just need to invest RM6,850.00 to buy one lot of Nestle and become their shareholder!


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