Good To Be Back


I got many e-mail asking me why I have stop updating my blog at DISCOVER the Road to Financial FREEDOM!

There are two good  reason:

1) I got some serious technical issue on my blog after it was hacked.

Despite several attempt to recover it, it still face some serious problem. Therefore I decided to start a new blog instead.

2) During the same period, I wrote my third book called How to Make Money in Stocks.

This maybe my last book as writing book is never an easy task. It involve a lot of discipline, hard work and research.

I’m glad to finished it and proud to be the first Malaysian author to guide potential  investor to get started in Bursa Malaysia stock market.

Do stay tune for more update on Personal Finance Tips and Advice.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends, may the Year Of The Green Wood Horse brings all of us abundant prosperity, good fortune and great health!!!Gong Xi!!Gong Xi !!!  :-)

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

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