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Almost every things in Japan are so Expensive after converting to Malaysian Ringgit.

Some even think twice before travelling to Japan!

Even A simple budget meal at restaurant, will easily cost around RM20 minimum. (Currency rate exchange on November 2015 was RM36 = 1,000 Yen) . That’s only for the food, how about other expenses like Hotel, Transportations, Tours etc


For those on Budget trip, I’m sure Onigiri was one of your side meal.

It’s available at every corner of Japan. This’s because it was sold by the supermarkets and  convenience stores such as Lawson, 7-11, Family Mart etc

What is an Onigiri (おにぎり)?

An Onigiri is basically a small portion of compressed ball of rice. It’s so filling and usually filled with filling inside i.e dried bonito flakes, salted salmon etc. It’s a good meal for packed Lunch or quick bite.

It cost from 120 Yen to 300 Yen after their Consumption Tax. So it cost around RM4 for a simple side meal. The cheapest you can ever find.

I’ve ate enough portion of Onigiri.

The packaging outside DO Not Have any English wording. Therefore, I simply buy and eat. It also depend on luck if you got one that fit your taste.

There’s a special skill on how to open an Onigiri as shown below

How to open an Onigiri

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