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Has The Falling Ringgit And Oil Prices Affected Your Everyday Life?

Is our Malaysia economy really that Bad?  Around this time last year, we entered 2014 with caution amidst reports of fuel and sugar subsidy cuts and possible increases in toll rates, public transport fares and so on. This year, we’ve entered a volatile 2015 with oil prices hitting an all-time low and the Ringgit labeled […]

Public Listed Companies With Financial Year Ending In July

DEFINITION of ‘Fiscal Year-End’ or ‘Financial Year Ending’ The completion of a one-year, or 12-month, accounting period. A firm’s fiscal year-end does not necessarily need to fall on December 31, and can actually fall on any day throughout the year. The reason that a company’s fiscal year often differs from the calendar year and may […]

Viability of GLCs as a Government Funding Source | BFM Podcast

Salvatore Dali, Malaysia Finance The PM announced that the government is looking for an extra RM400m dividends from government-owned companies. We look at the implications Click the Play Button below to play the podcast by BFM radio .