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How To Get Free Movie Tickets In Malaysia

If you’re a frequent movie goer, you’ll immediately notice it cost a lot to watch a movie. The price range is from RM8-RM21. A quick search at the Golden Screen Cinemas, Mid Valley Megamall, the movie called BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (show on Sun 27 Mar 9:15 PM) cost RM17 for Adult and […]

Email Scam: Urgent Help Request from a Friend

Have you ever received an Urgent Help Request from a Friend via Email that ask for Money? I did get it most of the times and it’s a e-mail Scam.

Unsolicited Mail Donation from UNICEF Malaysia

Getting spamming e-mail is Not uncommon nowadays. Those spammer not only spam the e-mail but your mailbox too. Recently, I got letter from UNICEF Malaysia asking for some donation. To my knowledge, I never gave any of my contact detail or allow UNICEF(any other parties too)  to contact me.