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Best Overseas Travel Insurance in Malaysia

I just enrolled for Overseas Travel Insurance called Smart Traveller Annual policy which was Underwritten by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad. Travel Insurance is different compare to your existing insurance such as Personal Accident, Medical Card, Life Insurance, Endowment Plan, etc. This’s because only Travel Insurance will cover you Before, During and After your oversea […]

Why Should I Get Insurance Protection In Malaysia?

I am sure nobody plans to get hurt or sick, but most people need some medical care at some point of their life when they Least Expected it.  When I come across the article below in the The Star, I never expect a simple procedure to remove a half-inch fish bone stuck in the throat […]

Why You Should Buy Insurance

There are two main type of insurance: Life insurance General insurance Life Insurance gave protection to breadwinner who their family depend on them the most. This type of insurance will pay out the sum insured in the event of death due to accident or illness, of the individual who is insured. The protection period is […]