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How Bad Can It Get? |BFM Podcast

This is an interesting interview given by Salvatore Dali, Financial Blogger. He’s more focusing on Short term Trading. So if you are long term investor, the ideas he shared may not be relevant. The oil price calamity and the short and long term effects on the local economy. Click the Play Button below to play […]

Why You Should Buy Insurance

There are two main type of insurance: Life insurance General insurance Life Insurance gave protection to breadwinner who their family depend on them the most. This type of insurance will pay out the sum insured in the event of death due to accident or illness, of the individual who is insured. The protection period is […]

The Takaful Alternative |BFM Podcast

George Kau Kong Hoi, Senior Vice President & Head of Actuarial Services, Takaful Ikhlas Malaysia leads the world in the Islamic finance market.  We explore one aspect of Islamic financial products called Takaful and sift out differences with conventional insurance products. Click the Play Button below to play the podcast by BFM radio Your browser […]