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How to Naturally Cure Sore Throat Faster and Better Without Antibiotics

I’m not sure WHY the doctor will always prescribe antibiotics for throat infections without fail. Maybe the doctors out there can provides some insight. Personally, whenever I got sore throat or mouth ulcer, I use a Chinese called Xi Gua Shuang (Sanjin Watermelon Frost). Therefore, I can avoid all those antibiotics and will be my […]

Check Your Immigration Status Online Before Travelling Overseas.

The  Immigration Department of Malaysia has an Online facilities for Immigration control status checking. All Malaysian will be able to check their immigration status on application for passport and travelling overseas. All you need to furnish is your identity card number and it’ll return the result on the spot.

Unsolicited Mail Donation from UNICEF Malaysia

Getting spamming e-mail is Not uncommon nowadays. Those spammer not only spam the e-mail but your mailbox too. Recently, I got letter from UNICEF Malaysia asking for some donation. To my knowledge, I never gave any of my contact detail or allow UNICEF(any other parties too)  to contact me.