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Public Listed Companies With Financial Year Ending In September

DEFINITION of ‘Fiscal Year-End’ or ‘Financial Year Ending’ The completion of a one-year, or 12-month, accounting period. A firm’s fiscal year-end does not necessarily need to fall on December 31, and can actually fall on any day throughout the year. The reason that a company’s fiscal year often differs from the calendar year and may […]

How Bad Is the Air pollution in China?

If you are planning to visit China, do takes notes on the Air pollution in China. I was at the Xian, China last week and can assured you that nobody can escape from the Air pollution. Do watch the video below which was a self-financed documentary called Under the Dome,  by Chai Jing, an ex […]

Property Legal Clinic | BFM Podcast

 Chris Tan from Chur Associates and our resident legal guru answer’s this month’s query from Hanim of Ampang:”I have a condo unit in Ampang that’s situated on leasehold land. It has 78 years left on the lease and I was wondering if I can have the lease renewed to 99 to increase the value ( […]