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Nestle: Goody Bag for Annual General Meeting

Every year without fail, all Public Listed Company(PLC) are require by the law to held an Annual General Meeting(AGM). It must be held not later than 6 months after the Financial Year End(FYE). AGM is a meeting where the board of the directors will meet their shareholders to get approval on some business resolutions i.e […]

Conversation Between the Cockpit of MH370 and Kuala Lumpur air traffic control

This is the final(last) recordings of conversation between the cockpit and KL air traffic control of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 plane. Flight MH370 was reported to be missing at 1.38am on 8th March 2014, with 227 passengers and 12 crewmembers on board. May God bless all the passenger´╗┐. Our thoughts and prayers always with […]