Why Should I Get Insurance Protection In Malaysia?

I am sure nobody plans to get hurt or sick, but most people need some medical care at some point of their life when they Least Expected it. 

When I come across the article below in the The Star, I never expect a simple procedure to remove a half-inch fish bone stuck in the throat can cost RM888.45 in a hospital in Petaling Jaya.

The good  medical facilities is not cheap in today environment.

With the GST implemented, it may even hike up the existing medical cost.


I called up my Insurance Agent and ask her about this case.

She told me it’s claimable under the Personal Accident(PA) Insurance. It under the Accidental Medical Reimbursement benefit.

It’s very important to protect yourself from uncertainties – whenever and wherever you are by paying(scarify) a small premium amount.

Don’t wait! Contact your Insurance Agent for more information.


Choking over hospital’s high fees

IT is very difficult to accept that a simple procedure which took less than two minutes can cost so much.

It happened a few days ago in a hospital in Petaling Jaya. I was there to have a half-inch fish bone stuck in my throat removed.

The ENT doctor only used a pair of long-nosed pliers, a dental mirror and a head band torchlight. Total time spent with the doctor was less than five minutes. So I was shocked to receive a bill of RM980.65 (including medication, GST, etc). High sounding terms were used to describe the charges.

On querying the doctor on the high charges, I was given a discount of RM92.20. I paid the full amount of RM888.45 under protest.

The main items charged were as follows:

1) Consultation – RM249.10

2) Therapeutic Endoscopic Operation of Pharynx – RM522.58 (reduced from RM614.80)

3) Out Patient Department – RM65 (on the use of the above simple equipment)

4) Pharmacy – RM46.46

5) Medical Record – RM5.30

I lodged a complaint with the hospital’s business office manager but it was thrown out.

I hope ethical professional medical guys will be able to share their views on whether such exorbitant charges warrant the work done by the ENT.

I feel I have been fleeced by the doctor/hospital. Are the charges appropriate or reasonable?


Subang Jaya


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